Winter Walking Skills

Introduction to winter walking skills - 2 Days

This two day course aims to give you a taste of all the basic winter walking skills needed to make the step from summer to winter hill walker. Skills covered would include assessment of snow conditions and avalanche awareness, when and how to use crampons and an ice axe and tips for navigating in winter conditions.

Comprehensive winter walking skills - 5 Days

Taking five days allows us more time to introduce and practice the full range of winter walking skills and techniques in a greater variety of situations and conditions. Over the week we would aim to take in some classic mountain walks and summits.

Guided winter walking - 2 to 5 Days

We can also provide a guide to help you with any winter walking objective. Whether you are looking to summit Ben Nevis in winter or take on some classic mountain ridges such as the Aonach Eagach in Glen Coe.

Winter Navigation - 2 Days

In winter navigational features on the ground, paths, streams, rocks and even cairns get covered in snow. Add to this a thick pair of gloves and a pair of goggles and navigation becomes more difficult. This course develops our summer skills and adapts them for the winter environment and a good Scottish 'Whiteout'.

Snow hole expedition - 2 Days

When the conditions are right there is no better wilderness experience to be had in the British Isles than a night spent out in the mountains in a snow hole. We would walk into a suitable site in the mountains and dig our shelter in the snow and then cook, eat and sleep in it. 

If conditions allow we are then perfectly placed for some night navigation practice, or the ascent of a remote peak the next day.

Avalanche awareness - 1 Day

Whatever your objective in the mountains in winter, an essential part of your day is assessing the snow conditions to keep yourself safe from avalanche risk.


On this course you will learn to understand how and why avalanches occur and how to recognise these conditions on the hill. We will look at snow pack tests, weather conditions, terrain considerations, interpreting forecasts and route choice.


A must for anyone going into the hills in winter; walkers, climbers, skiers and boarders all welcome!

Winter Skills Information Pack
Information pack for Winter Skills courses
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