Mountain Biking Courses

With it’s wide glens cutting through the high mountains, large areas of Caledonian Pine forests and a huge network of tracks and trails, the Cairngorms National Park is a truly world class area for mountain biking. With a lifetime of amazing adventures to be had, from long journeys on historic drove roads, to hair-raising descents and technical challenges, there really is something for everyone.

Mountain Bike Skills

Mountain biking is all about confidence, but confidence comes from knowing what you are doing. This is not a course for kids doing tricks and it is not about doing big jumps and drops. This is a course looking at the fundamental techniques we need to ride a bike on wild trails or make the most of trail centres. Whether you are totally new to mountain biking or looking to improve your riding skills we can help, and the relaxed, no-pressure environment will leave you with the confidence to tackle your next adventure.

Guided Mountain Biking

With hundreds of kilometres of track and trail within easy reach of Aviemore, how do you know which route is the best for you? Easy, let us show you! With so many amazing trails on our doorstep we can tailor any day to your skill and adventure level. From family friendly rides to award winning picnic spots to world-class single-track and twelve hour epic mountain crossings; the Cairngorms has it all.

Navigation For Bikers

Once the call of the wild takes hold your bike can take you to some amazing places. This course will make sure you can get home again afterwards! Navigating on a bike can be very difficult, you travel quite quickly, often passing features and landmarks without noticing, too focused on the ground under your wheel and it is very difficult to look at a map or a compass whilst hurtling down a fast descent. We will give you some strategies and techniques to make life easier and look at what to do if and when you do get a bit lost.

Bike Maintenance

Without some fundamental bike maintenance skills you could find yourself with a very long walk home because of a simple problem. This course will look at simple trail-side repairs that can get you back in the saddle; repairing punctures, troubleshooting problems with gear selection, brakes and suspension and improvising a repair to limp home after major bike damage. We will also look at home servicing, what we can do to keep our bike running smoothly and keep it out of the service shop!

Packages including bike hire can be arranged on request.

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